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General-Purpose Optical Bench

The General Purpose Optical Bench Accessory features a magnetized, ruled optical bench with a moveable 60 mm Spectralon® or InGaAs Spectralon® collection integrating sphere. The General Puprose Optical Bench can analyze samples up to 400 mm in pathlength and has a wavelength range of 190 to 2500 nm.

Part Number PELA1003
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The general-purpose optical bench (GPOB) is a unique accessory which allows the instrument to be configured for the measurement of difficult or irregular samples which cannot be measured by normal sampling accessories. The GPOB consists of an optical bench which can be configured with a variety of locating pins and magnetic and kinematic mounts. This allows custom optical layouts to be designed, positioning sample holders, accessories and detectors exactly where they're needed. Typical configurations include transmittance measurements of large laser crystals or telephoto lenses, variable-angle transmittance and reflectance studies of large glass samples, and beam splitter characterization.


Product Group Optical Bench