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Near Infrared Reflectance Accessory (NIRA) for Frontier, External Mounted

The Near Infrared Reflectance Accessory (NIRA) is designed for diffuse reflectance measurements of light-scattering solids, liquids, and powders using the Frontier FT-NIR or FT-IR/NIR spectrometer.

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Near Infrared Reflectance Accessory (NIRA) for Frontier, Sample Compartment
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Near Infrared Reflectance Accessory (NIRA) for Frontier, External Mounted
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The NIRA is an intelligent sampling system designed for quick, easy sampling without compromising on spectral quality. The technique is non-destructive and sampling of materials can be performed in a variety of containers from vials, plastic bags and bottles, to blister packs and the material’s original packaging.

This NIR Accessory is compatible with Frontier FT-NIR or FT-IR/NIR spectrometers configured with the External Beam Pack option, as it is mounted externally on the right-hand side of the instrument. The NIRA can be used for a wide variety of sample types, with self-referencing for increased reproducibility and ease of use.

This intelligent NIR Accessory features:

  • Capability to analyze a variety of sample types with zero or minimal sample preparation
  • An integrated, zero alignment, zero set-up design. Once locked into the sample compartment, the NIRA accessory becomes an integral part of the system and is ready to use.
  • Compatibility with a range of optional accessories such as the sample spinner for inhomogeneous solid or liquid samples.
  • The ability to be removed and replaced in seconds through a quick-release lever with automatic parameter setup.

The NIRA is designed to accommodate FT-NIR analyses for a variety of applications, including:

  • Raw materials identification
  • Determination of nutritional quality and adulteration of food
  • Quantitative analysis of industrial liquid or solid samples

The NIRA is supplied with a standard accessories kit including a sample positioner, reference materials, and sample handling tools.


Model Compatible With Frontier
Product Group NIR Accessory
Technology Type Diffuse Reflectance