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Ultra Clean High Capacity Combi Filter (hydrocarbon/moisture) for GC and GC/MS

This high capacity combi filter is perfect for purifying Flame Ionization Detector (FID) fuel gases, removing both moisture and hydrocarbons. Using this filter for FID hydrogen and air will produce a stable baseline, improving overall reproducibility and sensitivity. Ideal for use in combination with a zero air generator.

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The easy to use leak-tight cartridge system enables rapid change of exhausted cartridges without interrupting supply or system operation. Spring-loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place. There is no longer a need for loosening and tightening fittings every time a trap is changed and your system will not become contaminated during the process.


Material Glass
Product Brand Name Gas Purifier
Product Group Ultra Clean Filter
Type Moisture,Hydrocarbon
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Ultra Clean Gas Filters Catalog

Designed for use with GC, GC/MS, and LC/MS instruments. Cartridge systems make changing gas filters quick and easy. A base plate allows cartridges to be exchanged without introducing oxygen.



Confidence in Your Drinking Water Analysis with GC-MS Ensemble Flyer

About 90% of all drinking water comes from surface and groundwater sources which are susceptible to pollution by the chemicals used in industry and agriculture. Laboratories today are challenged with maintaining compliance with evolving regulations, technologies, and methods. We empower this critical analysis with our GC/MS and Headspace technologies. Coupled with our support expertise, we are a trusted innovator at the forefront of drinking water testing. Have confidence in your water testing with PerkinElmer solutions.

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