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LANCE Ultra Europium-anti-phospho-PKC (Ala25Ser) peptide Antibody, 100µg

Mouse monoclonal antibody labeled with the LANCE® Europium chelate. This antibody detects phospho-Ser in a synthetic peptide (RFARKGSLRQKNV) only after the peptide is phosphorylated by PKC or PKA kinases. The synthetic peptide is derived from amino acids 19-31 of human PKCα in which Ala25 is mutated to Ser. Sequence motif recognized: RFARKG-pS-LRQKNV

For research use only; not for diagnostic procedures. All products to be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including without limitation, consumption & disposal requirements under European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).

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LANCE Ultra TR-FRET technology provides a two-component kinase assay that combines direct labeling of the kinase substrate with ULight™, an innovative emission dye for optimum binding efficiency, reducing steps and assay prep time. Validated for over 310 kinases, we provide data transparency by supplying:

  • Test conditions: Rapid assay setup to move straight into optimized assay performance

  • S:B data: Confidence in proven performance of the kinase on specific substrates; no guessing

  • Phospho-motifs: Substrate sequences are provided

  • Assay options: Multiple substrates are tested so you can select the best peptide sequence and S:B for your kinase

For this antibody

  • 10 μg = 1,562 assay points

  • 100 μg = 15,625 assay points

In LANCE Ultra kinase assays, the binding of a Eu-labeled anti-phosphosubstrate antibody to the phosphorylated ULight-labeled substrate brings donor and acceptor molecules into close proximity. After irradiation of the kinase reaction at 320 or 340 nm, the energy from the Eu donor is transferred to the ULight acceptor dye, which in turn generates light at 665 nm. The intensity of the light emission is proportional to the level of ULight-substrate phosphorylation.


Antibody Conjugates Anti-phospho-PKC
Assay Target Class Phosphoprotein
Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), TR-FRET
Experimental Type In vitro
Fluorophore Eu-W1024
Format Microplates
Molecular Modification Phosphorylation
Product Brand Name LANCE Ultra
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 100 µg
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Application Note

Comparison of LANCE Ultra TR-FRET to PerkinElmer's Classical LANCE TR-FRET Platform for Kinase Applications

Protein kinases play a major role in normal cellular functions such as cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and cell adhesion. Dysregulation of kinase activity has been shown to be associated with several human diseases including cancer, diabetes and morphological disorders. This makes kinases crucial ...

PDF 805 KB
Development and Optimization of Kinase Assays using New LANCE Ultra TR-FRET Reagents

Dysregulation of kinase activity has been shown to be associated with several human diseases including cancer, diabetes and morphological disorders. Because of their function, kinases are crucial targets for drug discovery. Analysis of the human genomehas revealed the existence ofnearly 520 genes en ...

PDF 583 KB
Improved Stability of the LANCE Ultra Signal in Kinase Assays

LANCE® Ultra is a high through putscreening (HTS) technology platform optimized for homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TRFRET) kinase assays. The LANCEUltra donor dye is a Europium(Eu) chelate, and the acceptor dye is a proprietary small-molecular weight molecule calle ...

PDF 206 KB



Novel Substrates for Fluorescence-based Protein Tyrosine Kinase Assays

Protein tyrosine kinases (PTK) are involved in the regulation of many aspects of the cell cycle, including proliferation, differentiation, secretion and apoptosis. Aberrant protein kinase expression or function is a cause or consequence of many human diseases like cancer and atherosclerosis. As a re ...

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Poster LANCE Ultra Tyrosine kinases

Of the 518 known human kinases, 90 are tyrosine (Tyr) kinases. Protein Tyr kinases play a key role in signal transduction and normal cell growth. They are also involved in numerous proliferative diseases like cancer and atherosclerosis, in addition to a number of autoimmune diseases. For these reaso ...

PDF 276 KB

Technical Note

LANCE Ultra PKC Kinase Assay

LANCE Ultra time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) assays use a,proprietary europium chelate donor dye, W1024 (Eu), together with ULight™, a small,molecular weight acceptor dye with a red-shifted fluorescent emission.

PDF 480 KB