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EnVision 2105 Multimode Plate Reader

The EnVision® 2105 multimode plate reader provides exceptional speed, ultra-high throughput, and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies. Tried and tested, the EnVision microplate reader gives you robust performance and reliable data for high throughput screening, time after time.

The EnVision 2105 model delivers even higher sensitivity for time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) applications, and the Enhanced Security software option includes tools to facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for integration into regulated environments (GxP).

Part Number 2105-0010
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • 最先进的双检测器设计,是行业内高通量读板仪的金标准。
  • 可选12种检测方法,包括AlphaScreen®、AlphaLISA®、超灵敏化学发光、光吸收、时间分辨荧光(TRF)和TR-FRET,如PerkinElmer提供的DELFIA和LANCE技术。
  • 专利Direct Optics™ 技术保证最快的检测速度和灵敏度
  • 整合滤光片和光栅的混合光路设计,提供更好的灵活性
  • 时间分辨荧光模式专用激光光源,为TRF检测提供最好的检测性能
  • 针对AlphaScreen高通量检测设计的专用激光光源
  • 为各种高通筛选应用提供最佳的检测灵敏度,避免您在筛选过程种丢失任何先导化合物。


对您在EnVision多模式读板仪产生的高质量数据,亦可通过高级数据可视化及分析软件TIBCO Spotfire®进行处理。我们为多模式检测系统定制的Spotfire®软件包可对读板仪数据进行无缝分析处理,包括可视化、关联、比对等,同时可将分析数据自由分享给您的同事。


  • EnVision HTS 多模式读板仪——专为高通量实验应用设计的超快速双检测器光路。.
  • EnVision Xcite 多模式读板仪——单检测器设置,以满足大部分挑战性的科学研究和实验方法开发,且根据需要现场升级。


  • 时间分辨荧光检测
  • 化学发光,包括辉光、闪光和双发射化学发光检测
  • 滤光片型光吸收检测
  • 荧光偏振检测


  • 标准 AlphaLISA®/AlphaScreen®(激光光源)
  • 高通量 AlphaLISA®/AlphaScreen®(激光光源)
  • 光栅型荧光强度检测(顶读&底读)
  • 光栅型光吸收检测
  • 激光光源时间分辨荧光检测
  • 超灵敏化学发光


  • 专利 Direct Double Optics™整体透镜光路设计,保证最高的速度和灵敏度(EnVision 专用)
  • 最快的创新型“on-the-fly”检测——使得EnVision在光吸收或荧光检测时,以最快速度可在36内完成1536孔板整板检测,且包括送板时间
  • 可根据应用需求进行现场升级
  • 易更换且可被自动识别的滤光片及二项色镜设计,方便根据阳性检测结果的配置,进行定制化实验设计(带条形码阅读器)
  • 整合型条形码阅读器,可识别孔板短边及长边二维码
  • 可选21 CFR Part 11 认证


  • 双通道自动加样器
  • 自动载板架(20或50块孔板)
  • 温度控制可达65 °C
  • 可兼容任何自动化工作站


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Absorbance, Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Luminescence, Alpha, Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization
Product Brand Name EnVision
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Application Note

Advantages of Wavelength Scanning in Fluorescence and Absorbance Assays

A monochromator is an optical device known for its ability to separate the colors of light,using an element called diffraction grating. By changing the angle of this grating the,light exiting the monochromator through a fixed slit will be of a desired wavelength.,This easy way of acquiring and selecting pure – or monochromatic – light makes it a,suitable technology for microplate readers. Not only does it free users to experiment,with assays regardless of their set of filters available, but it also facilitates some new,application areas traditionally not associated with plate readers e.g. spectral scanning.

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α-Fetoprotein Assay on Dried Blood Spot for Hepatoblastoma Screening in Children with Overgrowth-Cancer Predisposition syndromes

Publication note on a-Fetoprotein Assay on Dried Blood Spot for Hepatoblastoma Screening using VICTOR and EnVision plate readers and DELFIA

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Development of New AlphaLISA No-wash Immunoassay Kits for Sensitive, Rapid and Efficient Quantification of Cytokines

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay is the most widely Kits adopted method for detection and quantification of cytokines and other biomarkers. This traditional technology offers good,selectivity, sensitivity and assay versatility; however, it has certain disadvantages such as limited dynamic range and low throughput due to the numerous wash steps.

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