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E-Notebook for Formulations

Effectively capture data related from formulations research and exploit the knowledge you’ve gained from previous experiments.

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E-Notebook for Formulations provides a complete solution for formulation scientists working in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, flavors and fragrances, food and beverages, and other industries. It helps scientists effectively capture their data and exploit knowledge gained from previous experiments.

  • Specialized calculations and units (e.g. %w/w and mg/ml) plus quick access to commonly used excipients to help formulation scientists to work more efficiently.
  • Recording of experiments is simplified with an autotext write-up capability that enables scientists to insert pre-defined and user-definable common phrases, including numbers linked to information in the data tables.
  • Powerful aggregation, analysis and reporting features help to drive productivity by reducing the amount of time formulation scientists spend organizing information, analyzing results and producing reports.
  • Powerful structured data tables allow formulation scientist to set up multiple formulations in one experiment. They can then alter one or more independent variables in a formulation series to determine the impact of these changes on relevant dependent variables.

The combination of detailed workflow support, including specialized calculations and units, along with analysis, reporting, and general ELN capabilities result in increased productivity and compliance benefits compared with using paper or Microsoft Excel.