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DA 7300 In-line NIR, 3m Cable

The DA 7300 In-line NIR Analyzer is an advanced, modern NIR analyzer for use in Grain, Flour, Food and Feed processing. It provides real-time information about the product as it is produced. Immediate access to this information, without having to wait for laboratory measurements, provides several advantages: Enables automatic process control, Allows immediate manual intervention, Faster start-up and grade changes, Complete traceability of the entire production.

Part Number PER073003
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The DA 7300 is an in-line NIR instrument that provides results through industry standard communications interfaces. The measurement readings may be displayed on either a dedicated PC with user interface software or be fully integrated in existing plant control and quality management systems. The instrument is specifically designed to measure inside a chamber or vessel. The optical front end protrudes through the wall of the chamber, and the product is presented to the instrument. The design makes the instrument suitable for measuring powders, grains, granules, pellets and similar as the product is conveyed through a process.

Diode array technology measures all wavelength simultaneously. When the product is moving, this becomes a important advantage over older technologies. The Diode array measures all wavelengths over the entire spectra simultaneously, just like a digital camera takes an image. Other instrument technologies, including scanning mono-chromators, Spinning filter wheel instruments and FTNIR, measures the wavelengths sequentially. With the product moving, this equates to measuring one wavelength on one part of the product and the next wavelength on another part of the product. Therefore, the Diode Array technology is the most suitable for measurements on moving products.

The instrument is fitted with a scratch resistant sapphire window. This prolongs life time, enhances measurement performance and avoids regular service visits. In order to avoid down-time and costly rush repair jobs, the system is fitted with dual lamps. Once the primary lamp reaches the end of its working life, the second lamp is automatically put in to operation in a seamless transition. The instrument is designed and built for long life and trouble-free operation in the harsh environments that sometimes exist in production facilities. With a high level of ingress protection, a vibration resistant design and with explosion classifications according to ATEX and IECEx, a suitable installation point can be found in most operations.


Product Brand Name Perten Instruments
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