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Elite-5MS II Capillary Column, 30 m x 0.32 mm, 1.00 µm

The Elite-5MS II columns incorporate the same phase as the Elite-5 coumns but are specifically tested for low bleed performance. This configuration combines both the anlaytical column and guard column in a continuous length of tubing; eliminating all connection associated problems.

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Equivalent to USP G27 and G36 phases Temperature range -60°C to 350°C


Film Thickness 1.0 µm
Inner Diameter 0.32 mm
Length 30.0 m
Phase 5% diphenyl / 95% dimethyl polysiloxane
Product Brand Name Elite-5MS
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Confidence in Your Drinking Water Analysis with GC-MS Ensemble Flyer

About 90% of all drinking water comes from surface and groundwater sources which are susceptible to pollution by the chemicals used in industry and agriculture. Laboratories today are challenged with maintaining compliance with evolving regulations, technologies, and methods. We empower this critical analysis with our GC/MS and Headspace technologies. Coupled with our support expertise, we are a trusted innovator at the forefront of drinking water testing. Have confidence in your water testing with PerkinElmer solutions.

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