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ChemDraw Professional

Turn Chemical Drawings into Chemical Knowledge

ChemDraw helps chemists work more efficiently, communicate more clearly, and reach crucial information effortlessly. The Cloud application ChemOffice+ empowers you to easily search and re-use existing chemistry documents and create and annotate lists of molecules and reactions that can be converted into presentation-worthy reports.

  • Find and organize your chemistry to produce lists of compounds and slides
  • Access critical information with integration to key external databases
  • Draw complex reaction schemes without touching the mouse with Hotkeys & Shortcuts
  • Make your chemistry stand out with Atom/Bond/Ring coloring and 3D display

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ChemDraw Professional

Chemistry you can be proud of! ChemDraw Professional easily makes your chemistry stand out with atom, bond, and ring coloring options, and with the new 3D clean-up and 3D display improvements. Creating complex schemes has never been so easy. ChemDraw Professional also includes 1H and 13C NMR predictions, Name-to-Structure and Structure-to-Name functions, and integrations to SciFinder, Reaxys, and SciFinder-n. Peptide and nucleic acid chemists can also take advantage of the HELM Toolbar to easily represent biomolecules.

What’s New

  • 3D Clean-up and Display improvements: Take advantage of the new 3D Clean-up and Structure Perspective improvements to generate 3D conformations of your 2D molecules. The Structure Perspective depth shading facilitates the perception of 3D on your canvas.
  • Atom and Bond Highlights: Select molecules, bonds, atom labels, and individual atoms and highlight them with colors to make your chemistry more visually compelling and easier to follow. It can be combined with the recently introduced Ring Fill Coloring.
  • New Atom Hotkeys and New Molecule Hotkey: A new version of ChemDraw isn’t complete without a new set of hotkeys. A new molecule hotkey “Enter” lets you activate the hotspot on a selected molecule without touching the mouse.
  • New entries include the sulfone group (“k”), the tert-Butyl group with 90° angles (“Shift+k” on primary carbon), and the wedged/hashed wedged gem-dimethyl group (“Shift+k” on secondary carbon). 


Version Number ChemDraw Professional
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