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chemagic Prime 4 Instrument

Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation and Assay Setup

The chemagic Prime Instrument is a fully automated solution offering hands-free sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, normalization (optional), and PCR setup for research applications. This validated, single supplier solution offers high quality DNA and RNA which can be extracted from a variety of matrices.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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chemagic Prime 4
chemagic Prime 8
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Primary sample transfer – DNA and RNA isolation – normalization – PCR setup

Nucleic acid isolation is a critical prerequisite for many downstream applications. The chemagic Prime Instrument uses patented magnetic bead technology with fully automated liquid handling to provide high quality and high yield extraction of DNA and RNA from a variety of sample types. Extracted nucleic acids are suitable for next generation sequencing, genotyping, MLPA, and other types of PCR analysis. The chemagic Prime separates nucleic acids from solutions by transferring the beads instead of the process solutions, reducing the risk of contamination, offering higher purity and higher molecular weight DNA and RNA than alternative solutions.

Kits are available for DNA and RNA extraction from a variety of human samples including:

  • whole blood
  • plasma
  • saliva
  • FFPE samples
  • tissues
  • feces

Fully-Automated, Upstream Nucleic Acid Handling 

The chemagic Prime Instrument simplifies nucleic acid extraction and analysis by combining our proprietary chemagic extraction technologies with our extensive liquid handling expertise:

  • Simplified – Fast, hands-free sample processing
  • Reliable – Consistently isolates high quality nucleic acids
  • Reproducible – Reduces human error
  • Flexible input  –  10 µL – 10 mL input amounts
  • Trackable  – Automated barcode reading
  • Flexible throughput - Double sample set capacity increases throughput to 24, 48, or 192 samples
  • Flexible output – Various output format options are available
  • Precise  –  VariSpan arm and tips improve precision

Additional Specs:

  • L: 2285 ± 20 mm (without Monitor arm); W: 865 ± 10 mm; H: 1940 ± 20 mm (incl. table)


Height 1.94 m
Length 2.285 m
Model Name chemagic Prime 4
Width 0.865 m


Processing Format Sample Capacity Sample Volume Extraction Time per Set
chemagic 12 Rod Heads 1 – 24 0.5 mL – 10 mL e.g. for 10 mL blood ~ 60 min
chemagic 24 Rod Head 1 – 48 200 μL – 4 mL e.g. for 4 mL blood ~ 75 min
chemagic 96 Rod Head 1 – 192 10 μL – 1 mL e.g. for 400 μL blood ~ 55 min