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chemagic DNA Blood 4k Kit H24

The chemagic DNA Blood 4k Kit H24 can be used for automated DNA purification from up to 4 ml whole blood samples on the chemagic 360 instrument equipped with the chemagic 24 Rod Head. The chemagic kits include all required reagents and disposable plastic ware for nucleic acid purification.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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The PerkinElmer chemagen workflows for medium-throughput automated DNA and RNA purification from blood are designed to meet the needs of laboratories who need to isolate nucleic acids from 10 to 100 samples per day, with the possibility of easy upscaling to 250 samples. The ability to handle volumes up to four milliliters per sample in a single run makes these workflows ideal for downstream applications requiring high yields of nucleic acids (e.g. multiple testing). Based on chemagen proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology and instruments, Our medium-throughput workflows for DNA and RNA purification ensure the efficient isolation of high yields of ultra-pure intact nucleic acids. The chemagic Kits include all required reagents and disposable plasticware for nucleic acid purification. Sample barcoding and software compatibility with all major LIMSs ensure full sample traceability throughout the entire procedure. The isolated high-quality DNA and RNA are suitable for molecular analysis (NGS, MLPA, qPCR, etc.) and long-term storage.

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Model Compatible Withchemagic 360 instrument


Format 24-well
Sample Type Blood
Sample Volume <= 4 mL
Type fresh or frozen whole human blood
Unit Size 240 Preps/Kit