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CGX Onco Arrays (outside USA) Onco (4 pack)

CGX™ Onco Arrays are microarrays specifically designed, developed and verified by Signature Genomics for the detection of small genetic aberrations associated with hematological disorders such as leukemias and lymphomas, as well as genes associated with solid tumors.

Part Number 4121-0010
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CGX™ Onco Arrays are Research Use Only products. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Array characteristics:

  • Proven design, representing over 2410 cancer relevant regions based on hg19
  • Coverage of genes present in the CCMC (Cancer Cytogenomics Micorarray Consortium) and Cancer Gene Census designs, genes cited more recently in the literature, and genes that are family members of known tumor-related factors
  • Combined copy number and LOH detection on the same array
  • Oncoglyphix® for fast and streamlined data interpretation


CGX™ Onco Arrays are designed by Signature Genomics and manufactured by Agilent Technologies, Inc.