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Cell Culture and Viral Amplification Workstation

This automated robotic system is a dedicated workstation for cell culture, cell viability control, and viral protein amplification.

Part Number EG31010
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Configuration Requirements:

  • Highly flexible cellular workstation with:
    • AutoFlask cell culture and 24-and 96-well plate formats
    • Separate AutoFlask high volume media filling unit
    • Fully enclosed operator and product safety enclosure
    • Cell viability and plate reading capabilities
    • Separate sealer, cell dispenser and shaker
  • Control software for long-term culturing processes with automatic control of cell culture time through cell counter feedback

This workstation was designed to enable the production of a large set and number of target proteins. Using a virus vector system to infect cells and produce the target proteins, the explorer G3 integrated HCS workstation is able to provide cell cultivation, transfection, viability and GFP expression detection in a single platform. As most cell culture processes are lengthy,the job::manager scheduling software provides an enhanced level of support by monitoring and controlling several individual plate::works processes, simultaneously. With the job::manager scheduling software, you can divide longer processes into shorter ones, and leverage the ‘idle time’ for another (independent) process to run. And, with its variable change function, you can update or append proceeding tasks remotely.