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Brownlee SPP PhenylHexyl Column - 20 mm x 2.1 mm I.D.

Alternative selectivity to alkyl bonded phases, recommended for aromatic groups. Compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases to facilitate the retention and separation of polar compounds.

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The Brownlee SPP (Superficially Porous Particle) PhenylHexyl column is base-deactivated for good peak shapes when separating basic compounds and contains a hexyl spacer to provide optimal flexibility for the phenyl ring to facilitate π-π interactions with solutes. This column is filled with 2.7 μm superficially porous particles that contain a 1.7 μm solid inner core and a 0.5 μm porous silica outer shell, allowing for a shorter diffusion path and nearly double the efficiency compared to traditional fully porous silica particles. It can be used to enhance the performance of both traditional HPLC systems and UHPLC systems and is compatible with 2 µm inlet frits, so traditional solvents and sample preparation techniques can be used. Specialized filters are not needed for UHPLC systems.

  • Coverage: 3.0 μmol/m²
  • End-Capping: Yes
  • pH Range: 2.0-9.0
  • Pressure Limit (UHPLC): 9,000 psi (620 bar)
  • Temperature Limit: 30℃
  • USP Code: L11


Inner Diameter 2.1 mm
Length 20.0 mm
Particle Size 2.7 µm
Phase Phenyl Hexyl
Product Group Conventional Columns
Technology Type Liquid Chromatography (LC)