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BioQule NGS System

The BioQule NGS System is the easy to use, compact solution for library preparation and quantitation. This solution consists of a NGS preparation and quantitation instrument, cassette and plate to generate 8 high-quality NGS libraries. The BioQule NGS System can be easily used by new users to automation or NGS sample preparation, making it the ideal, affordable product for any lab performing NGS library preparation. This system is a robust automated solution that features all necessary components to perform NGS library preparation and quantitation in a compact footprint.

Part Number CLH001
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The Easy to Use, Compact Solution for Library Preparation and Quantitation

The BioQule NGS System features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automated thermal cycling
  • On-board magnet
  • Integrated quality control through optical quantification
  • Easy-to-use consumable plates and cartridges

bioqule labeled

This solution creates 8 high-quality NGS libraries from as little as 10 ng of starting material per run while saving 4.5 hours, on average, of hands-on time during library preparation.

The BioQule NGS System has been designed so no automation experience is required to prepare NGS libraries. Simply prepare your plate, place the cartridge and plate into the instrument, close the door and start the instrument.

Placing cartridge in instrument 1

Figure 1. Placing cartridge in instrument

Placing cartridge in instrument 2

Figure 2. Placing cartridge in instrument

This system uses customizable reagent plates. These plates come pre-plated with most reagents required for NGS library preparation and our applications development team will be able to customize these plates to fit your NGS library preparation needs.

Power Requirements: 100-240VAC at 50-60Hz


Depth 28.58 cm
Height 41.91 cm
Width 66.04 cm
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