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BetaPlate Scint for Betaplate, 1 x 5L

Betaplate Scint is a HiSafe cocktail for samples harvested or spotted onto dry filter membranes. High counting efficiency may eliminate sample pre-treatment often necessary with conventional cocktails. Ideal for use with samples in organic solutions.

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BetaPlate Scint is a safer cocktail developed by Wallac Oy in Finland. The name indicates that it has been used with the older BetaPlate counter but can also be used for measurements in the MicroBeta. This cocktail does not contain any emulsifiers and can therefore not be used with aqueous samples but it is an excellent cocktail for harvested samples on dried filter membranes. The flash point of this cocktail is at 140°C

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Detection Method Radiometric
Grade Safer
Package Volume 1.0 L
Product Brand Name BetaPlate Scint
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Units
Sample Type Liquid (organic), Solid (soluble), Gas (Radon)
Shipping Condition Ambient
Unit Size 1 x 5 L
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