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Avio 550 Max ICP-OES Concentric/Cyclonic Configuration

The Avio® 550 Max is a compact, fully simultaneous ICP-OES instrument, ideal for labs with high throughput requirements. It utilizes a vertical plasma and is engineered to handle even the most difficult, high-matrix samples without dilution, delivering productivity, performance and faster return on investment. Plus, Syngistix for ICP software provides an intuitive and smart environment with smart monitoring for real-time instrument and sample diagnostics as well as results viewing to easily track sample analysis, quality control, and internal standard performance to guarantee sample accuracy.

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Avio 550 Max Scott/Cross-Flow
Avio 550 Max Concentric/Cyclonic
Avio 550 Max Oils
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Proprietary features on the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES include:

  • Flat Plate plasma technology delivers a more robust, stable plasma, the lowest argon consumption of any ICP, and is maintenance-free
  • PlasmaShear system offers maintenance-free, argon-free interference removal
  • Universal Data Acquisition in Syngistix software, only available on the Avio 550/560 Max, enables simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths, with virtually no time or storage penalty
  • Vertical plasma torch design provides 100% matrix tolerance, minimizing sample preparation time
  • Dual view optimizes axial and radial plasma viewing to the extended linear dynamic range, measuring high and low concentrations in the same run, regardless of wavelength
  • Advanced optical system with free-form and off-axis coated optics brings improved precision, accuracy and speed
  • Color PlasmaCam provides continuous viewing of the plasma, simplifying method development and enabling remote diagnostic capabilities
  • Syngistix for ICP Software delivers an intuitive, left-to-right, icon-based design, mirroring the progression of your workflow with smart features that guide you through each step for greater control and confidence

And for added flexibility, the Avio 550 Max is available in three configurations, allowing you to select the option best suited for your application(s). This configuration of the Avio 550 Max is equipped with Cyclonic/Concentric sample introduction to provide higher efficiency, better precision, and faster washout times. This configuration is not recommended for hydrofluoric acid applications.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Depth 84.0 cm
Height 87.0 cm
Model Name Avio 550 Max Concentric/Cyclonic
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 163.0 kg
Width 76.0 cm
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Application Note

Accurate and Rapid Determination of 22 Major and Trace Elements in Soil with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Soil and sediments are integral parts of the earth and play a major role in food security. The elements in soil have a significant influence on the soil quality and are closely related to human and environmental health. Besides the nutritional elements that are necessary for plant growth, other t ...

PDF 694 KB
Analysis of Allergy Medications by ICP-OES Following USP 232/233 Guidelines with Software to Aid in 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

With the implementation of USP <232>/<233> for the analysis of elemental impurities in finished drug products, it is important for manufacturers to monitor the metal content of the final products to be in compliance. This work demonstrates the ability of PerkinElmer’s Avio® 550 Max ...

Analysis of Desalination Discharge Brines for Pollutants Using the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

With climate change, access to fresh water is decreasing in many areas around the world. Combined with the continuing rise in global population, a shortage of potable water is imminent unless other sources of fresh water can be found. One way to increase amounts of potable water is through desali ...

Analysis of Impurities in Gold with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES Following ASTM B562-95

Gold (Au) is one of the most precious and useful metals, due to a unique combination of characteristics: resistance to tarnish/corrosion, ability to conduct electricity, and ability to be easily formed into a variety of shapes. And because of this versatility, gold is widely used in jewelry, artw ...

PDF 992 KB
Analysis of Impurities in Lead with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES Following London Metal Exchange Guidelines

The London Metal Exchange issues specifications for a number of different metals in several grades. This work focuses on the analysis of lead of different purities with PerkinElmer’s Avio® 550 Max ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES), using “Special Contract Rules for Standard ...

Analysis of Impurities in Nickel with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES Following London Metal Exchange Guidelines

The London Metal Exchange (LME) issues specifications for a variety of purities for different metals. This work focuses on the analysis of contaminants in nickel with PerkinElmer’s Avio® 550 Max fully simultaneous ICP optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), using “Special Contract ...

Analysis of In-Service Coolants Following ASTM D6130 with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

To maintain healthy engines, both their lubricants and coolants need to be changed or monitored regularly. Lubricant analysis for additives and wear metals by ICP-OES is standardized and has been occurring for years. However, since the coolant system is the next biggest point of failure for engi ...

Analysis of Lithium Ore with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

With the increasing use of lithium (Li) in a wide variety of products, especially for batteries, there is a growing demand for Li and its compounds. Li-containing geological materials must be characterized for both their major and minor components prior to processing. While the Li content is most ...

Analysis of Metals in Disposable Non-Medical Face Masks in Accordance with ISO 18562-4:2017 Using the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, the utilization of face masks to limit transmission of the viral illness has gained traction. The most common type used is the 3-layer disposable, hygienic face mask. As with any consumer product, it is important that these face coverings are free of chemicals o ...

Analysis of Wastewaters Following U.S. EPA 200.7 Using the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

The prevention and control of water pollution is of critical importance to protecting both human and environmental health, and as a result, water must be monitored for pollutants at various stages, starting from the discharge of wastes and wastewaters all the way through the production of drinkin ...

PDF 865 KB
Determination of Nutrients in Animal Feed with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES in Accordance with EN 15621

With the growing importance of domesticated animals as both a food source (i.e. livestock) as well as pets and service animals, their health is important. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the nutrient content in animal feed. Nutrients exist in a variety of forms, including biological, organ ...

Direct Analysis of Ethanol for Phosphorus, Sulfur, Copper, and Iron with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Ethanol is an important blending component in fuels commonly used in gasoline/petrol. Because of its wide use, it is important to monitor the concentrations of impurities in the ethanol which can negatively impact the performance of the resulting fuel. As a result, standards have been created for ...

PDF 402 KB
High-Precision Analysis of Battery Materials with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Battery usage is growing rapidly as new uses are found, leading to the development of new battery types, technologies, and materials. Some commonly-used elements in different types of batteries include lithium, manganese, nickel, phosphorus, and zinc, among others. The percentage of these compone ...

PDF 987 KB
Multielement Analysis of Zircon with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Zircon is a mineral used in a wide range of industrial products, including refractory materials, ceramics, and enamelware, as well as electronic, functional, and structural ceramics, which are fundamental materials used in the electronics, aerospace, aviation, and nuclear industries. These applic ...

PDF 856 KB
Simultaneous Analysis of Hydride and Non-Hydride Elements in Drinking Water with Avio 550 Max ICP-OES and HydraMist

Human exposure to arsenic (As) is primarily through consumption of food and beverages. Because of arsenic’s toxicity to humans, the World Health Organization has a recommended limit of 10 µg/L As in drinking water.

Although arsenic determination in drinking water is primarily carried out by ...

Using MSF to Resolve Difficult Interferences in Metallurgical Samples with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) is a commonly used technique for the determination of trace elements in metallurgical matrices due to its ability to handle high levels of dissolved solids without the need for special sample introduction components or matrix sepa ...

PDF 734 KB


A Complete Portfolio of Grain Testing Solutions

Grains, whether consumed whole or processed, have nutritional and functional requirements and must be safe for consumption, and the only way to ensure grain quality is through rigorous testing. That’s where PerkinElmer come in. Our easy-to-operate, integrated testing and analytical solutions enco ...

Automotive Materials Analysis Brochure

This brochure guides you through all our PerkinElmer analytical solutions for the automotive industry. From advanced polymers and rubber materials, to batteries, semiconductors, glass, fuels and lubricants. See how we can offer you fully-rounded laboratory solutions along the whole automotive val ...

Avio Max Series ICP-OES Interactive Brochure

Nowadays, laboratories are expected to tackle quick turnaround times and meet lower detection limits, while at the same time deliver high levels of sample accuracy – and although workloads and workflows may vary, the need to work quickly doesn’t. Plus, labs are looking to lower operating costs an ...

In-Depth Battery Component Testing

As the world moves to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce our global CO2 emissions, it will also be more dependent than ever on better battery technology, powering the demands of industries such as automotive, energy storage, and portable consumer goods like power tools, computers, and ph ...



Power Up Your Battery Component Analysis Flyer

Download this useful flyer for a summary of how our instrumentation can test for safety, performance and composition of your advanced battery materials. Get an overview of solutions and their benefits in materials characterization techniques from FT-IR, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, DSC, TGA, GC-MS and hyphen ...

PDF 523 KB
Syngistix for ICP Software – Only 3 Clicks to Results

For labs conducting routine elemental analysis, simplified and streamlined workflows are critical to success. Syngistix for ICP software for the Avio® Max ICP-OES series is engineered with an assortment of smart features, streamlining analysis with only three clic ...

PDF 469 KB


Atomic Spectroscopy - A Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Technique and System

Atomic spectroscopy is a family of techniques for determining the elemental composition of an analyte by its electromagnetic or mass spectrum. Several analytical techniques are available:

  • Atomic absorption (AA): flame and graphite furnace
  • Inductively coupled plasma optical emis ...

Battery Analysis Guide

This guide offers an overview of analyses required throughout the battery value chain - learn about innovative analytical solutions for testing every part of the battery, including the anode, cathode, binder, separator, and electrolyte. See the value in data generated from a variety of applicatio ...




Advanced Solutions for Solar Cells Poster

Download this poster for an all-in-one view of how PerkinElmer instrumentation can answer the analytical needs of the solar market. From R&D of nanomaterials and advanced materials to solar cell component testing including aging and defect analysis - our UV/Vis, DSC, TGA, FT-IR and ICP systems he ...

ESI - PKI Ultra High Speed Analysis of Soils by ICP-OES

Commercial soil testing laboratories and industrial agrochemicals manufacturers routinely test soil for nutrients to enable agriculturists and farmers to make informed decisions to improve crop yield with fertilizer formulation and application. At key times of the year, soil testing labs and che ...


Product Note

Avio 550/560 Max Fully Simultaneous ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers

With a fully simultaneous system, high sensitivity and superior resolution, the Avio® 550 and 560 Max ICP optical emission spectrometers help your lab accomplish more – even with the most difficult samples – while making the most of your resources. The Avio 550/560 Max ICP-OES syst ...

PDF 657 KB
Syngistix Cross-Platform Atomic Spectroscopy Software

PerkinElmer's Syngistix is a workflow-based software designed to offer a harmonized user experience across PerkinElmer’s AA, ICP and ICP-MS platforms.

PDF 757 KB
Syngistix for ICP - Smart Software for Every Workflow

Syngistix for ICP software boasts a number of smart features designed to optimize your workflows and the performance of the Avio® Max ICP-OES instruments – from initial instrument setup to final results – for consistent, efficient, reliable operation. Flexible and ...


Regulatory Compliance Certification

Product Certificate - Avio 500 and Avio 500 Max Series

Product Certificate for the Avio 500 and Avio 500 Max Series


Technical Note

Advantages of PerkinElmer's PlasmaShear Technology for ICP-OES

ICP-OES is a rugged, robust technique capable of analyzing complex matrices containing percent levels of dissolved solids without the need for dilution. Nevertheless, to ensure accurate, robust analyses several challenges must be overcome. Two important obstacles are self-absorption by the plasma ...

PDF 608 KB
Avio 550/560 Max ICP-OES Optical System and SCD Detector

The Avio® 550/560 Max ICP-OES systems offer superior detection limits and line selection thanks to their optical system that centers on a unique high-performance solid-state detector – the segmented-array charge-coupled device (SCD) detector – with an echelle-based polychromator de ...

PDF 883 KB
Avio Max Series ICP-OES Solid-State RF Generator for Flat Plate Plasma

PerkinElmer's Avio® Max series ICP-OES spectrometers feature a free-running solid-state RF generator for Flat Plate plasma, a proprietary technology which generates a transversely symmetrical plasma, replacing previous helical-coil induction. This approach produce ...

PDF 627 KB
Flat Plate Plasma Technology on the Avio Max Series ICP-OES

A robust and stable plasma is essential when performing analytical analyses by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). The plasma is traditionally generated by passing argon through a series of concentric quartz tubes (the ICP torch) within a helical, radio frequency ( ...

PDF 739 KB
HP-ICP-OES: Using the Avio 550/560 Max to Achieve the Highest Possible Precisions

When performing measurements with ICP-OES, precisions (i.e. relative standard deviations, RSDs) of 1-2% are typical. However, applications exist where greater precision is required, such as in the analysis of precious metals, major components in battery materials, and verification of the matrix c ...

PDF 404 KB
Multicomponent Spectral Fitting on the Avio Max Series ICP-OES

Baseline and interfering element correction (IEC) are used with ICP optical emission spectrometry to correct analytical signals for contributions from the plasma, the matrix or elements other than the analyte. If the contributions from these components are not corrected accurately, the analytical ...

PDF 287 KB
Universal Data Acquisition in Syngistix Software for Avio 550/560 Max ICP-OES

Universal Data Acquisition (UDA), a proprietary feature within Syngistix software on the Avio® 550/560 Max ICP-OES, allows for simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths all of the time with just a click of the mouse. UDA is much more than a semi-quanti ...

Vertical Dual View on the Avio Max Series ICP-OES

The Avio® Max series ICP-OES incorporates a vertically oriented plasma with complete dual-viewing optics under computer and software control. Its dual view technology optimizes axial and radial plasma viewing to the extended linear dynamic range, measuring high and low concentratio ...