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Sample Tilt Option for ARTA

The Sample Tilt Option for ARTA is an optional sample holder with a motorized tilting stage that allows samples to be analyzed at varying angles of incidence and detection. Automated tilt of up to 75°.

Part Number L6020118
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Used in academia, glass, optics, and thin film industries, the Automated Reflectance/Transmittance Analyzer (ARTA) is a drop-in accessory for the LAMBDA™ 950, 1050 and 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrometers. It uses a goniometer to rotate a sample with respect to the beam (varying angle of incidence) and independently rotate an integrating-sphere detector with respect to the sample (varying angle of detection). For any incidence angle/detection angle pairing, spectra may be collected for s- and p-polarized light in the wavelength range of 250–2500 nm.


Product Group Sample Holders & Supplies
Technology Type UV/VIS