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Model 4050 for Clarus 590 PPC

This DHA model supports ASTM Method D6730 capabilities. The Model 4050 Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzer provides a complete analysis of petroleum products in the range of gasoline through high-efficiency gas chromatography. Using a convenient graphical interface, the software provides a one-screen display to visually observe the chromatogram and manipulate the data calculation in order to obtain the optimum results for analysis and data presentation.

Part Number NARL8550
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Detail Information

We offer several complete system/solution for DHA that provide distinct advantages over the traditional PIONA (paraffins, isoparaffins, olefins, naphthenes, and aromatics) systems. The Model 4050 and 4050x Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers offer significant cost savings and instrument uptime advantages over PIONA systems – and does not contain valves or hardware like traps that need to be replaced over time. It is a single-column solution which includes a high-resolution capillary column with a tuned pre-column to separate individual compounds present in gasoline.

Highlights of Our Guaranteed, Standard Analyzers:

  • The Model 4050 utilizes helium carrier gas and cryogenic cooling. Analysis time is 165 minutes.
  • The Model 4050x utilizes hydrogen carrier gas, cryogenic cooling and a modified temperature ramp, reducing analysis time from 165 to 90 minutes.
  • The Model 4060 utilizes hydrogen carrier gas and Swafer technology. Using the Swafer allows for backflush capability and a shorter analysis time. No cryogenic cooling is necessary.