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Model 4016 for Clarus 590 PPC

This is a Light Hydrocarbon/Fixed Gas Analyzer by TCD model which supports LH and Fixed Gases capabilities. Some features for this specific model include:

  • Meets: ASTM® D1946
  • Guaranteed detection levels (based on individual components without interference from neighboring peaks)

Part Number NARL8514
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Detail Information

  • Sample types analyzed: Gas
  • Some common added channels:
  • Flame ionization detector (FID) for better hydrocarbon detection
  • Methanizer/FID and purged-valve housings for trace CO and CO2 analysis
  • Flame photometric detector (FPD) or a sulfur chemiluminescence detector
Detected Compounds
  • Ar-O2 composite, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, ethylene, ethane, acetylene, H2S. Meets: ASTM® D1946.