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Alliance HIV-1 P24 ANTIGEN ELISA Kit (96 Test)

Alliance Hiv-i P24 Elisa 5 Plate Kit

This kit is intended for research purposes only and is not approved for diagnostic use.

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HIV p24 is the 230 amino acid phosphorylated protein of the capsid forming the conical core of the virus that encapsulates the HIV genomic complex. The Alliance HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA is for the detection of HIV-1 and HIV-0 Subtypes in human serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. In gene therapy, HIV-derived lentiviral vectors are useful and commonly used to deliver transgenes to mammalian cells. Assays against the p24 antigen have become a standard method for measuring lentiviral transduction efficiency.

Here are some references demonstrating the p24 Alliance ELISA can be used for lentiviral transduction efficiency:

  • Valkama, A., Leinonen, H., Lipponen, E. et al. Optimization of lentiviral vector production for scale-up in fixed-bed bioreactor. Gene Ther 25, 39–46 (2018).
  • Majdoul S, Cosette J, Seye AK, et al. Peptides derived from evolutionarily conserved domains in Beclin-1 and Beclin-2 enhance the entry of lentiviral vectors into human cells. J Biol Chem. 2017;292(45):18672–18681. doi:10.1074/jbc.M117.800813
  • Lesch, H., Laitinen, A., Peixoto, C. et al. Production and purification of lentiviral vectors generated in 293T suspension cells with baculoviral vectors. Gene Ther 18, 531–538 (2011).
  • Fenard D, Ingrao D, Seye A, et al. Vectofusin-1, a new viral entry enhancer, strongly promotes lentiviral transduction of human hematopoietic stem cells. Molecular therapy. Nucleic Acids. 2013
  • Ausubel LJ, Hall C, Sharma A, et al. Production of CGMP-Grade Lentiviral Vectors. Bioprocess Int. 2012;10(2):32–43.

This kit provides reagents for immune complex disruption (ICD) of antigen/antibody complexes in serum and plasma samples and proprietary antibodies increasing the sensitivity of the assay. This kit is intended for research purposes only and is not approved for diagnostic use.


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Application Note

A Comparative Study of Two Immunoassay Platforms to Determine Lentivirus Titer for CAR-T Development

The main vectors of gene therapy in research are viruses. The most popular tool for gene delivery is a genetically modified lentivirus. Modified lentivirus (HIV-1) vectors retain their ability to infect undivided cells, thereby increasing their ability to transduce a wide variety of cells, including those that are difficult to transduce. This advantage enables the stable long-term expression of a transgene.

In immunotherapy, CAR-T cells are manufactured by transducing the CAR gene with an HIV-1 vector in T cells to express a specific chimeric p24 protein on their surface. This allows them to recognize cancer cells and destroy them. These CAR-T cells must be generated individually to treat each patient.

This application note demonstrates a comparative quantification of the p24 titer in a lentiviral GFP control sample using Alliance HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA and p24 AlphaLISA immunoassay platforms.

Check out the different sections of this application note:

  • A lentiviral vector that encodes the CAR construct
  • Determination of the efficiency of transient co-transfection by measuring viral titer
  • Detection of the presence of a p24 HIV-1 specific antibody in the sample
  • Quantification of targets present in the sample

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