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Green Injection Port Septa, Pkg. 10

The advanced green septa were created to combine significantly longer injection life, low bleed and injection port adhesion. The septa have a 350°C temperature limit.

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The result is a mid-range general purpose septum made of uniquely formulated silicone rubber you can use for all your daily analyses. These septa also benefit from also with the non-stick coating and the CenterGuide design.


Color Green
Model Compatible With Clarus 680, Clarus 480, Clarus 590, Clarus 580, Clarus 690
Outer Diameter 11 mm
Product Brand Name Green Injection Port Septa
Product Group Injection Port Septa
Quantity in a Package Amount 10.0
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Confidence in Your Drinking Water Analysis with GC-MS Ensemble Flyer

About 90% of all drinking water comes from surface and groundwater sources which are susceptible to pollution by the chemicals used in industry and agriculture. Laboratories today are challenged with maintaining compliance with evolving regulations, technologies, and methods. We empower this critical analysis with our GC/MS and Headspace technologies. Coupled with our support expertise, we are a trusted innovator at the forefront of drinking water testing. Have confidence in your water testing with PerkinElmer solutions.

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Product Note

Technical Note

Inlet Septum Maintenance for the Clarus 580-680 Capillary Split-Splitless Injector

This technical note outlines the inlet septum replacement procedure for the CAP injector assembly (Item #: N6100007, 120V; N6100137, 230V) for the Clarus® 500/580, & 600/680 GC platforms. The injector assembly is designed for quick access to the inlet septum for routine maintenance and easy integration into daily workflows. Figure 1 provides a diagram of the injector assembly as viewed from the top of the instrument chassis, highlighting placement of the septum cap (Item #: N6100153) containing the septum within.

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Inlet Septum Maintenance for the Clarus 590-690 Capillary Split-Splitless Injector

When compared to the exacting attention that gas chromatographers pay the analytical column, it often seems that the inlet septum receives relatively little consideration. In fact, many chromatographers are surprised to discover that GC instrument manufacturers recommend daily inspection and/or replacement of the inlet septum to maximize instrument performance. Although inexpensive compared to other chromatography consumables, a freshly replaced septum is essential for maintaining system isolation from the outside environment.

A poorly maintained inlet will cause the instrument to suffer from diminished sensitivity, shifting response factors, asymmetrical peak shapes, and an overall poorer precision and accuracy compared to a well-maintained one. When older, damaged septa are cored by the syringe needle these cores of septa can drop into the inlet liner, blocking the flow of gas and releasing bleed volatiles onto the column. Such detriments impact system sensitivity and inevitably result in unscheduled maintenance and more frequent calibrations.

This technical note outlines the inlet septum replacement procedure for the capillary split/splitless (CAP) injector (Item #: N6120146) for the Clarus® 590/690 GC platform.

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