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LabChip ProfilerPro Separation Buffer (400 ml) including Coating Reagent 8, for EZ Reader

Separation buffer containing coating reagent 8 (CR8), a positively-charged additive that binds the silanol groups of the glass channels in the LabChip multi-sipper chip (the glass is negatively-charged) to neutralize the charge. Non-specific interaction of substrates and products that are highly positively charged, or substrates with sequences containing repeats of a positive charge, will be reduced with this separation buffer.

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LabChip® EZ Reader uses a microfluidic chip technology based on a mobility shift principle. Assays utilizing fluorescently-labeled substrates are set up in polypropylene microplates. As the experiment is being run in the microplate, small volumes of each assay are "sipped" up into the LabChip microfluidic chip. The LabChip multi-sipper chips comprise small channels connected to upstream and downstream electrodes. As the reaction moves through these channels, the reaction components are separated into substrate and product (or starting material and end material) via differences in their mobility. These differences in mobility are related to the charge/mass ratio of each component (substrate, product, etc.). As each component reaches the detection window on the chip, a fluorescent peak is recorded.


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