AM 5200-A Update Options (USA ONLY)

The USDA FGIS updates the UGMA Grain Moisture calibrations each May and August. Implementing these updates is mandatory for all USDA Official Grading facilities and all facilities using the meters for trade. We offer simple ways to ensure your instrument is up to date. The current calibration update is available below. The updates are typically made available 3 to 5 days before the implementation date.

  • Free download to your computer - Read these instructions prior to proceeding. Download the newest calibration file here.
  • USB purchase - PER559898 One part number for the May or August update. So, if you order in mid-April through June, you will get the May release, otherwise it will be the August release.
  • >40,000 sample - Send in your instrument to Depot. We'll update your moisture meter with any new software, calibrations, and inspect all hardware for wear or potential issues. Email to request Springfield Depot repair.

NOTE: Do not use these options for AM 5200-Farm Moisture Meters.

If you encounter any problems with this procedure, free phone assistance is available through PerkinElmer Customer Care:

7am to 6pm CT - Monday – Friday - (855) 726-9377 Option 2

Or Email - (Include - Instrument Model and Serial Number and issue Description.)

Or contact one of our local Distributors:

Prairie Ag Products – (701) 866-2456
America Service Inc. – (800) 528 - 3610
Fairbanks Scales – (800) 451 - 4107
Scott Ag Solutions – (877) 856-0060