Targeted Killing of Antigen-Positive Cancer Cells Using a High-Content Live-Cell Imaging Assay


This video, kindly provided by Immunocore, illustrates a high-content live-cell imaging assay which analyses ImmTAC®*- induced killing by T-cells (yellow) of antigen-positive cancer cells (blue).

In the assay, co-cultures of antigen-positive and antigen-negative cancer cells and T-cell effectors (effector to target ratio 1:1) in the presence of ImmTAC® were imaged every 10 min over 375 timepoints (62.5h in total) using the 40X water objective on the Opera Phenix high-content screening system.

  • Antigen-positive cancer cells are stained with CellTracker Deep Red (blue)
  • Antigen-negative cells are stained with CellTracker Red (white)
  • Effector Pan T Cells are stained with CellTrace Violet (yellow).
  • The cell death marker is NucView® 488 (green).

From the images, specificity, rate of killing and proliferation can be quantified using Harmony® image analysis software.

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