Self-guided Data Discovery and Analysis for Quick, Easy Lead Discovery Process


Scientists spend most of their "thinking" time finding and assembling project status and drug candidates’ data into static Excel sheets or PowerPoint slides. Data is held in departmental data stores or legacy data centers that are difficult to access, integrate, and interrogate. Once the data is assembled, it must be aligned with structural or sequence information and exported to an SD file for import into yet another software system for analysis. When the next assay results are available, the whole process starts again.

In this webinar we will present a new, intuitive, TIBCO Spotfire® powered Chemistry analysis capability with re-usable data publication interface to enable new data to be fielded easily, from any source.

With PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery, medicinal chemists, assay biologists, and ADMET analytical chemists collaborate in a shared data environment and:

  • Discover and automatically update project data.
  • Quickly configure project-specific SAR tables and annotate for compounds of interest.
  • Perform compound series analysis to identify R-groups of interest.
  • Perform sequence analysis to identify amino acid changes of interest.
  • Rapidly cycle to the next candidates to advance in the project.