Rethinking Preclinical Ultrasound From the Bottom Up


Watch this on demand webinar to learn about the Vega® system, an exciting new twist on preclinical ultrasound imaging that uses a bottom-up imaging approach with automated hands-free transducers located under the imaging stage. This innovative design requires minimal training with no dedicated sonographer needed, enables high-throughput 3D whole body imaging of 3 mice in just a few minutes, and produces more consistent results than conventional hand-held ultrasound systems.

OD webinar highlights:

  • An introduction to the Vega automated, hands-free, high-throughput system
  • Overview on the systems multiple modes for multiple applications including:
    • Oncology: evaluate tumour volume and visualize tumour microvasculature with acoustic angiography
    • Liver: measure stiffness - a marker for fibrosis and inflammation, evaluate and visualize volume, steatosis, and vascularity
    • Cardiovascular: perform 4D LV systolic function using M-Mode in seconds
    • Kidney: study anatomy, volume, tumours, cysts, vasculature, and assess changes I kidney perfusion