Reagent Solutions for Virology Research


In the race to keep pace with the speed of your research we strive to provide you with the products you need. Every day, our R&D scientists are busy developing fully validated, ready-to-use kits and reagents for the hottest new targets – the ones you’re working on now.

Learn more about the PerkinElmer-CisBio reagent solutions for virology research.

In this webinar you will learn about some of our hottest assays:

  • Alpha is a versatile, bead-based platform that enables you to assay the most complex samples in one well and with no wash steps.
  • HTRF Assays are fast, sensitive, homogeneous, and ready to use with no wash steps.

Luminescence assays based of firefly luciferase such as

  • Britelite plus, neolite and steadylite.
  • plus high to ultra high sensitivity reporter gene assay systems