The Path Toward Successful Innovation in Gene Therapies


In this webinar you’ll have the opportunity to learn from two expert speakers, who are leading investigators in the field of gene therapies, as they reveal what it takes to innovate successfully.

Our distinguished presenter Roland W. Herzog, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Riley Children’s Foundation Professor of Immunology, and Director of the Gene and Cell Therapy Program at Indiana University School of Medicine, provided a perspective on how gene therapies based on AAV vectors are currently approved, including examples of Phase III clinical trials for coagulation diseases. He also discussed the role of innate immune signals in the adaptive immune response to AAV gene transfer.

Nagendra Venkata Chemuturi, PhD, Scientific Director Research, Global DMPK at Takeda, provided a glimpse of the future of gene therapies and what it holds for viral and nonviral gene therapies, with a focus on the critical role of a DMPK scientist and clinical pharmacologist.