Moving from 2D to 3D cell models: Overcoming challenges to achieving high-quality high-content results


Over recent years, more biologists have started using 3D cellular models, which provide cells with something more akin to their natural microenvironment. However, they present a number of challenges to be overcome.

In this webcast, hosted by Nature, we will address some of the common challenges of working with spheroid and organoid models.

The speakers will describe: Challenges associated with automated confocal imaging of 3D spheroids, options for quantitative analysis of cells growing in 3D, how high-resolution 3D imaging assays can be implemented for 1536-well high-throughput screening and how disease relevant biology questions can be answered with 3D high content imaging assays.

Speakers: Dr Jeremy Simpson, University College Dublin and Yu-Chi Chen, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences