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Transforming Lead Discovery Process for small molecule and bio-sequences


Transforms your lead discovery process with advanced chemical and biological analytics. Visualize small molecule and bio-sequences, create SAR tables with just one click or combine multiple R-group analyses for a set of structures, R-group decomposition calculations on R- group fragments and more, instantly.

Explore a powerful way to probe complex chemical and biological data, understand key relationships and make effective decisions that enable the discovery and nomination of the optimal drug candidate, faster.

Check out how to videos, thought leadership articles or try the free trial for 30 days!

Lead Discovery Premium Sequence View Inside a SAR Table

Additional Resources

Data Analytics

Rapid, Incisive Data Analysis for Lead Discovery

This post elucidates improvements that are needed in the next stage in the drug discovery/lead identification/lead optimization workflow, where scientists will want to analyze data sets to derive insights and to answer pressing scientific questions and make research decisions.


SAR Trek

IT/IS staff and researchers in biopharma companies struggle to discover and develop better drugs faster and more cheaply. A key challenge is dealing with the data deluge – more complex data at greater volumes, in multiple formats and often stored in disparate internal and external data silos.

Light at the end

The Light at the End of the Drug Discovery Tunnel

In 2017, although the EMA only approved 35 new active substances, FDA drug approvals hit a 21-year high, with 46 new molecular entities approved, the highest number since 1996. This was mix of 29 small molecules and, demonstrating their increasing therapeutic importance, 17 biologics (nine antibodies, five peptides, two enzymes, and an antibody-drug conjugate).

Lead Discovery Premium

Identifying the Next Optimal Clinical Candidate – Faster

Learn how PerkinElmer’s Lead Discovery Premium combines and delivers advanced biological sequence and chemical structural intelligence tools in a user-friendly analysis and visualization environment that facilitates rapid data organization, exploration and decision making.