Identifying the Best AAV Vectors for Safer, More Potent, and Reliable Therapeutic Performance


Gene therapy addresses the underlying genetic anomaly by correcting the mutation using gene-editing tools deployed via delivery vehicles. Recombinant viral vectors such as lentiviruses or adeno associated viruses (AAV), have been successfully employed as vehicles for gene therapy in clinical trials over the last decades. However, the complexity of the viral vector structure, mechanisms of viral-host interactions, delivery barriers, and optimal dosages compounded by the reported adverse risks, has paved the way to enhance existing vectors and pioneer novel approaches to deliver the next-generation of viral vectors.

In this webinar, our distinguished guests,

Dr. Arun Srivastava, Professor of Genetics, Chief, Division of Cellular and Molecular Therapy Powell Gene Therapy Center, University of Florida College of Medicine


Dr. David Schaffer Professor; Director of QB3 University of California, Berkeley

will tell us more about advances in viral vector development and research enabling effective gene therapies that are reliable, safer, and potent. Specifically, our speakers will highlight information on:

  • A novel serotype vector exhibiting high transduction efficiency of hematopoietic stem cells to treat blood disorders
  • Hybrid vectors with highly efficient nuclease-free genome editing solution
  • How the directed evolution of AAV vectors is improving the delivery efficiency to multiple organs with the ability to evade immune response