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Accelerate Biomarker Insights to Drive Successful Clinical Outcomes


Trials that Have Biomarker Support are Twice as Likely to Reach FDA Approval

A biomarker-driven approach to developing targeted therapies and patient selection strategies has the potential to increase drug development success.

Improve your Odds

While the value of mining biomarkers and clinical trial data becomes increasingly evident, the complexity associated with these datasets hinders the ability to reach optimal insights from biomarker programs. Be prepared to identify vital biomarkers. Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®, a world-leading analytics platform – PerkinElmer Signals Translational enables scientists to quickly view biomarkers and clinical trial data holistically, allowing them to gather critical insights, and achieve a winning hypothesis faster.

Accelerated Biomarker Outcomes + Strategic Trial Planning = Increased Clinical Trial Success

Learn how Signals Translational helps scientists extract the best biomarker support for improved patient selection and, ultimately, a successful clinical trial.

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