Evolving your Medical Data Review - SaaS for Patient Safety


Until now, medical monitors have had to rely on Excel or PDF listings and tables to technically perform medical data review, risking missed signals critical to patient safety and the overall success of the trial. With mounting pressures to complete trials quicker while reviewing more data than ever before, medical monitors and information technology personnel need a better system for performing medical data review.

Signals Medical Review is a turnkey SaaS solution developed and tailored specifically for Medical Monitors. During the webinar, see this innovation in action with Dr. Anthony Todd Everhart as he performs a medical data review and demonstrates how you can exponentially improve the process and find safety signals – fast.

Medical Monitors

  • Medical Monitors achieve faster, more effective reviews with a concentrated review workflow
  • Build tailored alerts, identify outliers/ patterns/trends, and track review


  • Maintenance free with easy updates
  • Secure, high performance cloud hosting
  • Strong adoption -- a solution tailored to helping your end users detect safety signals