Establishing Alpha CETSA HT in Primary Screening


The cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA®) directly monitors target engagement in a cellular environment without the need for protein tagging or other molecular engineering steps. When you combine CETSA® with the no-wash Alpha platform for immunoassay detection, you can observe your compound of interest binding to its intended protein in a more physiologically relevant manner than traditional methods. What’s more, this assay is sensitive enough to work at endogenous protein levels in unmodified cell lines or even in primary cells.

See how pharmaceutical companies have used the innovative application approach of rapid, sensitive and robust Alpha CETSA® technology utilizing the sensitivity and ease of use of the Alpha platform combined with the power of CETSA® technology in primary high throughput screening for the first time. This webinar is presented in conjunction with Pelago Bioscience AB.

This webinar will explore:

  • Adapting CETSA® HT for use with high throughput screening and hit confirmation
  • Developing more physiologically relevant assays rapidly to detect protein at endogenous expression levels
  • Applying CETSA® HT on targets to identify new chemical structures
  • Generating high quality on-target hits
  • How CETSA® HT enables protein degradation focused drug discovery projects, such as PROTACs

For research use only. CETSA® is a registered trademark of Pelago Bioscience AB.