Empowering The Clinical Trial Sponsor With Analytics


This webinar will highlight how PerkinElmer’s TIBCO Spotfire solutions address the many business and technological challenges companies experience during clinical data review. Learn how Arcus Biosciences, an oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company, tackled the data quality and collection challenges they faced with their CRO and how they enabled their clinical teams with self-service with analytics.

Challenges webinar will address:

  • How data challenges can stall data review and operational effectiveness of clinical trials
  • Reliance upon multiple CRO’s with different data streams can hamper trial progress
  • Generalized tools that are not tailored for therapeutic analysis
  • Reviewing data across multiple spreadsheets and other line listings

Key takeaways:

  • How picking the right partner can accelerate your clinical data review process
  • Overcoming challenges of clinical teams for self-service with analytics
  • How to collect and visualize safety and efficacy data in a centralized location
  • How to effectively perform an in-stream review of study data, to make smarter decisions faster
  • Leveraging analytics to create insightful reporting for senior management