Development & Applications of AQ, Fluorinated and Aromatic LC Stationary Phases


Every decision you make in the lab affects your scientific outcomes – and that holds true for LC stationary phase choices. In this webinar, you’ll learn fundamental insights into behavior of stationary phases with highly aqueous mobile phases, the development and applications for a stationary phase engineered for highly aqueous mobile phases, and development and applications of fluorinated and aromatic (biphenyl & naphthyl) stationary phases.

Key learnings will include the following:

  • What phase collapse is and how it occurs
  • Simplified and robust methods for aqueous and polar separations, with no phase collapse
  • Novel fluorinated and aromatic phases to provide alternative selectivity, particularly for halogenated and aromatic compounds

Presented by our expert, Matthew Przybyciel, R&D Leader at PerkinElmer, he will discuss the development and application examples of various stationary LC phases including AQ, fluorinated, and aromatic compounds.