Developing a 3D Cell Model for High-Content Analysis


Part 1 of A Webinar Series: Towards Physiological Relevance - High Content Analysis with 3D Organoids and Spheroids

In this webinar, you will hear from experts on how high-content analysis is being used to explore and develop 3D cell models.



Introduction to 3D Cell Models and High-Content Analysis

Dr. Joe Trask

North America HCS Product Line Leader, Cellular Imaging and Analysis

PerkinElmer, Inc


Dr. Antti Hassinen

Head of Unit of FIMM-HCA Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM),

University of Helsinki, Finland


Introduction to 3D Cell Models and High-Content Analysis

What insights can be gained with 3D cell model systems? In this introductory talk, Dr. Trask explores the 3D microenvironment, cell models, and a workflow process from single cell to whole well analysis, including image acquisition and image analysis routines being employed by researchers.

3D High-Content Imaging and Phenomics at FIMM-HCA

Dr. Hassinen describes the development of an in-house 3D drug sensitivity and resistance testing (DSRT) platform which utilizes an oncology library of over 500 clinically approved and investigational drugs.

The work includes the use of imaging readouts in addition to cell viability measurements and is closely related to translational medicine studies which feature multiparametric characterization of patient samples with imaging readouts. 3D image analysis uses the Harmony® high-content analysis software in addition to sample processing and image analysis tools developed in coordination with Peter Horvath's group. The studies are part of the EraPerMed funded COMPASS consortium, with the goal of pan-European standardization of functional drug testing of paediatric tumours.

You will learn about:

  • Sample treatment of 3D cell cultures for high-content microscopy
  • 3D Image analysis of cells and organoids for personalized medicine and cell biology applications
  • Drug sensitivity and resistance testing with imaging readouts