Characterize your proteins in under a minute using High Throughput Capillary Electrophoresis


In numerous molecular biology applications, proteins must be analyzed to determine size and purity. Traditionally, SDS-PAGE has been used to separate proteins based off size and yield qualitative information about the protein sample. The Labchip GXII Touch HT system from PerkinElmer utilizes capillary electrophoresis to quickly quantify the size, concentration, and percent purity of proteins. With run times as quick as 42 seconds/sample, the Labchip GXII Touch HT system can boost the throughput of any protein characterization workflow as much as 70x.

Check out this video to learn:

  • How the Labchip GXII Touch can replace SDS-PAGE gels
  • How to attain better data quicker than ever
  • How this technology boosts the development of protein-based therapeutics