Application Note

High-Throughput DNA Quantification for Next Generation Sequencing on the VICTOR Nivo

High-throughput DNA quantification for NGS workflows


There are many different methods of quantification available on the market for DNA samples and each can vary in precision, accuracy and throughput. Typically, DNA in next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows is measured using tube-based fluorescent assays such as Qubit® or qPCR. However, since samples have to be measured one at a time, this can create bottlenecks in a high-throughput lab. Using an automated liquid handler and plate reader instead of manually pipetting tube-based measurements can significantly decrease measurement time and increase throughput.

Download our application note to learn how we obtain consistent, reproducible and high-throughput results using the VICTOR® Nivo multimode plate reader in conjunction with the Zephyr G3 NGS workstation to quantify DNA with reagents from Quant-iT® assay kits.