Application Note

High Throughput Assays to Compare the Performance and Stability of an Engineered Fc Silent Antibody to a Therapeutic Antibody


Over the last decade, therapeutic antibodies have emerged as the predominant class of new drugs. Assays to functionally characterize and evaluate antibodies can be used in the discovery process as well as during the development stages of antibody therapeutics. In this detailed case study, we show a suite of assays that can be used to compare an engineered antibody (adalimumab Fc Silent) to the original therapeutic antibody (Adalimumab).

In this application note, discover how Alpha, HTRF and LabChip Protein Express assays can help when you are:

  • Comparing the binding affinities of engineered antibody or original therapeutic antibody to the target or Fc receptors, or for readouts in functional cell-based assays
  • Assessing binding capabilities after thermal stress, to check antibody stability
  • Looking for critical data to build confidence in a biosimilar or an engineered therapeutic antibody