Application Note

Automating Assay Development: Novel Data Driven Workflow for Protein-Protein Interaction (PPIs) Assays


The path for a newly identified target to a therapeutic is long and complex.1 Critical to bridging the translation gap referred to as the "valley of death", is confirming the relevance of the biological target and its ability at rescuing the phenotype.2 The first step in lead identification and critical to target validation is to identify and characterize the potential drug target(s) associated with the disease. Once the target has been identified, biological and screening assays are developed to identify the drugs that alter the gene-expression levels or disrupt interactions of the target with other molecules. The lack of high-quality assays in early drug discovery is a major challenge within the "valley of death", and developing high-quality assays is crucial for finding the best drug targets and avoiding potential problems in later stages of the development process. High-quality assays should be designed in a way that identifies molecules that exhibit the correct mechanism of action.