Application Note

chemagic DNA Plant Kit LH Automated on the JANUS G3 Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation


Testing purified plant DNA is an important step in many food and beverage testing services. The chemagic DNA Plant Kit LH is designed for automated purification of DNA from plant tissue. This kit uses proprietary technology based on M-PVA magnetic beads for optimal nucleic acid yield and purity from a starting sample of 20 mg of plant tissue.

The JANUS G3 Nucleic Acid Extraction workstation is purposely built for high-throughput nucleic acid or protein extraction through on-deck bead-based purification. This workstation has the ability to prepare 96 samples in one batch and includes thermal elements for purification workflows that require precise temperature control. This application note shows the workflow, methods and results of automating the chemagic DNA plant Kit LV on the JANUS® G3 Nucleic Acid Extraction workstation.