Application Note

Analysis of Aflatoxins in Traditional Chinese Medicine Coix Seed Using LC/MS/MS


Coix seed, also known as Coix lacryma-jobi, Coicis semen and Job’s tears, is utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine applications to enhance immunity, induce diuresis, and strengthen the spleen. Aflatoxins, a group of highly toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi, have been found in coix seed, and can pose a potential health risk if aflatoxin contaminated seed is consumed. As such, control limits have been established throughout the world for several aflatoxins to minimize the exposure to humans and animals.

In this work, a regulatory LC/MS/MS method for the analysis of aflatoxins in coix seed is established using a PerkinElmer QSight® LX50 UHPLC system coupled to a QSight 220 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, Simplicity 3Q software platform, PerkinElmer Epic UHPLC column, and immunoaffinity columns.