Application Brief

Workflow for Qualitative Identification of Donkey-Hide Gelatin


Donkey-hide gelatin is a popular gelatinous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) derived from a complex extraction procedure. As a tool to optimize immune response, improve metabolic balance, and treat gynecological diseases, donkey-hide gelatin has been used in TCM clinics for centuries.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia (ChP) Commission promulgated a test method for the quality of bovine hide in donkey-hide gelatin, which was updated in 2015 to utilize LC/MS/MS, and again in 2020 to identify new detection ion pairs and utilize a updated signal-to-noise ratio. In this application brief, a total workflow solution for the qualitative identification of donkey-hide gelatin following ChP 2020 utilizing a PerkinElmer QSight® LX50 UHPLC system coupled to a QSight 220 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, with Simplicity 3Q software platform, PerkinElmer Epic C18 UHPLC column coupled with PerkinElmer consumables is presented.