Application Brief

Qualitative Identification of Tortoise-Shell Glue Using LC/MS/MS


Tortoise-shell glue (Testudinis Carapacis ET Plastri Colla) is an important and valuable animal-derived Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) made from the dorsal and ventral shells of tortoises. Utilized for thousands of years, tortoise-shell glue is utilized as a health supplement for postpartum women and the elderly. Quality issues resulting from the addition of the shells of other animals has led Chinese Pharmacopeia to develop a method for the qualitative identification of tortoise-shell glue to ensure the authenticity of products.

In this application brief, a regulatory LC/MS/MS solution following ChP 2020 for the qualitative identification of tortoise-shell glue is established with a PerkinElmer QSight® LX50 UHPLC system coupled to a QSight 220 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, with Simplicity 3Q software platform, PerkinElmer Epic C18 UHPLC columns coupled with PerkinElmer consumables.