Application Brief

Ferulic Acid Analysis in Angelica Sinensis Radix by HPLC


Angelica sinensis (A. sinensis) is a common health food and drug in Asia and utilized as a dietary supplement in women’s care in Europe. Nearly 20% of the traditional Chinese medicinal preparations included in the Chinese Pharmacopeia contain A. sinensis. Many bioactive constituents including polysaccharides, phenolic acids and angelica lactone have been isolated from A. sinensis, including ferulic acid, an important and valuable phenolic acid whose content is used for assessing the quality of A. sinensis according to the Pharmacopoeia of China (ChP).

In this application brief, analysis of identified marker compound based on Chinese Pharmacopoeia was performed using a PerkinElmer LC 300 with a PerkinElmer Epic C18 column and consumables, and SimplicityChrom software (Figure 2). A regulatory quality monitor workflow for analysis ferulic acid was established.