Informatics Solution in Translational Medicine

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The Need for an Informatics Solution in Translational Medicine

Informatics Solution in Translational Medicine


Developing treatments that take individual variability into account ("personalized medicine") has given rise to a new discipline in science: translational research or translational medicine. Scientists in this field work to translate biological phenomena into targeted, evidence-based medicines that improve health and treat disease by more optimally matching drugs and individuals. Currently, at least 95 percent of pharmaceutical companies are performing translational research and the translational efforts are driving many of the new therapies entering the clinic today.

But those advances don't come for free. According to the National Center for Advancing Translational Science, translational medicine has "increased research costs and complexity", and is on par with more traditional clinical challenges of recruiting, study design, and regulatory burdens in driving clinical study costs.

Therefore, as the field of translational medicine continues to grow, researchers need best-in-class solutions that lend speed and ease to their work. Self-serve access to a wide variety of data, using an informatics solution designed specifically for translational medicine workflows, will enable these researchers to more quickly and easily identify and manage the biomarkers that are essential to realizing the promise of personalized medicine.