Technical Note

Homogeneous Duplexing Assay for Insulin and Glucagon Quantitation Using Alpha Technology

Alpha technology for insulin and glucagon quantitation


The balance of glucagon and insulin levels within the body is an important indicator of the function of metabolism. Healthy metabolic function is characterized by elevated levels of one of these hormones and lowered levels of the other. Simultaneous high levels generally indicate hyperglycemia or type 2 diabetes, while simultaneous low levels indicate type 1 diabetes or starvation.

When testing for metabolic diseases it is important to obtain information on the level of glucagon and insulin relative to each other. Ideally this is done by quantifying the levels of both hormones from a single sample. AlphaPlex utilizes a homogenous bead-based platform for multiplexing, allowing for the quantification of multiple analytes simultaneously.

See how AlphaPlex offers a complete assay for all-in-one-well measurement of both insulin and glucagon in biological samples.