Technical Note

Quantifying TNFR1 in Both Soluble and Membrane Bound Form Using AlphaLISA Technology


Tumor Necrosis Factors (TNFs) are cytokines that are the primary modifiers of inflammatory and immune response. Researchers have shown that a soluble form of TNFR1 (sTNFR1) is a truncated version of the receptor produced by the disintegration and extracellular release of membranous protein on the cell surface (ectodomain shedding). sTNFR1 is found in healthy and diseased patients alike, however increased sTNFR1 levels are an indicator for disease states such as inflammation, infection, and asthma.

Here we present a way to measure TNFR1 using homogeneous bead-based AlphaLISA assay. The human TNFR1 AlphaLISA® detection kit was designed for the quantitative determination of soluble TNFR1 in serum and cell culture media. This technical note further demonstrates the functionality of the kit by detecting sTNFR1 in cell supernatant as well as TNFR1 on the cell membrane.